An integrated development environment (IDE) is a application that provides all the tools needed to developing an application for computer programmers. IDEs increase programmer productivity by combining common activities of writing software into a single application: editing source code, building executables, and debugging.

The most popular IDES


Xcode is Apple’s official IDE for Mac…

China’s Contemporary Economic Reform and Development

  1. 黄仁宇,《资本主义与二十一世纪》,三联书店,2006.

2. 钱穆,《中国经济史》,北京联合出版公司,2013.

3. [美]傅高义,《邓小平时代》,三联书店,2013.

4. 吴敬琏,《中国经济改革进程》,中国大百科全书出版社,2018.

5. 林毅夫,《解读中国经济(增订版)》,北京大学出版社,2014.

6. 《杨小凯学术文库》,社会科学文献出 …

Chinese Civilization, History, and Culture

1. 钱穆,《先秦诸子系年》,商务印书馆,2001.

2. 钱穆,《中华文化十二讲》,九州出版社,2013.

3. [汉] 司马迁,《史记(白话本)》,商务印书馆,2016.

4. 李解民等,《白话二十五史精选》,新世界出版社,2009.

5. [宋] 朱熹(编),《四书章句集注》,上海古籍出版社,2006.

6. William Theodore de B …

Science, Philosophy, Evolution, History of Human Civilization, Human History

Li Lu is a Chinese-born American investor and hedge fund manager. He is the founder and Chairman of Himalaya Capital Management. Li Lu is a successful value investor and a disciple of Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett.

Here is a list of books that Li Lu recommend.

  1. Jared M. Diamond…


Win is every step of the process.

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